How to Use WASHOKU Treasure?

WASHOKU Treasure is an online shopping site especially for restaurant chefs, retail buyers, importers, and distributors all over the world, where you can order food samples of regional specialties from our list of companies around Japan. Please see details below for instructions on how to use our website.

Free Registration

WASHOKU Treasure registration is free of charge. Click “Register” and enter your email address and password. An email will be sent to your registered address. Click on the link in the email and fill in the necessary information to complete the registration. Please note that registration is only for restaurant chefs and prospective buyers.

View Products

After you complete the registration, you can view our products freely. The products are arranged in categories, so it is convenient to search for the items you are looking for. Please note that users who are living in regions outside our delivery areas served by Japan Post EMS will not be able to view this page.

Order Samples

If you find a product that you wish to sample, proceed to order. Please note that there are paid and free samples, some samples require shipping fee and some do not. We only accept credit card payments.

Try Samples

We will deliver the samples to you within 2 weeks of your order. The products may take a longer time to arrive depending on our storage condition. Please do not use the samples for commercial purposes. If you wish to purchase the product after trying the samples, please contact our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Order and Payment

What is included in the payment?
It includes the sample and shipping costs. There are two types of samples- paid and free samples in WASHOKU Treasure. You may or may not have to pay for the shipping costs according to the samples.
Can I choose the payment method?
We only accept payment by credit card.
Can I get an official receipt voucher?
You can view your past billing details. Please use it as receipt voucher.
Who should I contact to inquire about the order?
Can I order using phone or fax?
No, we only accept orders via our website.
Do I need to register as a member to order?

About Delivery

Which delivery company does WASHOKU Treasure use?
We use the Express Mail Service (EMS) by JAPAN POST Co., Ltd.
Can I choose the delivery company?
No, we use the Express Mail Service (EMS) by JAPAN POST Co., Ltd. for all our deliveries.
Does the delivery cost change according to the amount purchased?
The delivery cost depends on the size of the items purchased.
Which regions are within the delivery area?
Can you deliver the item to more than one destination?
Sending of goods is only one place per account.
How long does it take for the item to arrive after ordering?
The delivery time depends on the region but usually takes about 2 weeks. Our business hours are 10am to 5pm (Japan Time) from Mondays to Fridays. The delivery time may change slightly according to the day and time. Delivery days may be delayed depending on the state of stock.
How much is the delivery cost?
The delivery cost depends on the item purchased and the region to be delivered. You can refer to the delivery costs shown in your shopping cart.
Can I designate the delivery date and time?
No, you cannot designate the delivery date and time.
Where can I know about the delivery status?
I made multiple orders separately. Can you send them together?
No. We will deliver the orders once they are confirmed. Please confirm the contents and number of items of your order before purchasing.

About Refunds, Changes and Cancellations of Orders

Can I cancel my order? Can I change my order?
No, we do not accept any cancellation or change in orders (including change in number of items or requests to ship items together).
The item delivered was not what I ordered. What should I do?
My item has not arrived. What should I do?
The sample that arrived was damaged. What should I do?

About Membership Cancellation

I wish to cancel my membership. What should I do?

Commercial use

I'd like to use the foodstuffs I ordered at this EC site at my restaurant event, so please be sure to deliver it by the specified date.