About WASHOKU Treasure


WASHOKU Treasure is a sample market and ordering platform for international food businesses (restaurant chefs, buyers, distributors, etc.) specializing in supplying Japanese food and ingredients produced in Japan.

Search for rare Japanese food and ingredients not available in your country

You can find products from a variety of categories as if you are at a sample market, including rice and processed vegetables, processed marine and meat products, dry foods, noodles, bottled and canned goods, seasonings, sweets, alcohol and drinks, and tableware. The site offers products that were selectively made by the manufacturers, each with a unique story to tell.

Learn about products'characteristics

Our product lineups not only provide information on the raw ingredients, but also, how the products can be used, along with comments from the manufacturers to make it easier for you to picture how to utilize them.

Order samples

There is no need to go through tedious import procedures to order samples. In addition, you can order multiple samples at once and test various products from across Japan.

Inquire about distribution procedures and full-scale deals and we will make the adjustments

If you enjoyed the samples and would like to consider full-scale transactions, you can contact us for details on distribution procedures and business negotiations.

Merit of WASHOKU Treasure

To chefs and buyers...

Take the opportunity to develop menus or hold sampling events with Japanese food that is new and less well-known overseas and is delicious and safe.
Furthermore, if you want to officially purchase products that you have sampled then we can introduce you to the distributors.

To distributors...

As this allows you to order various products from across Japan at the same time, it is less hassle and more cost efficient. If you want to officially purchase a product after sampling it, then we can provide your store information to the chefs and buyers who are users of WASHOKU Treasure.

Caution of using WASHOKU Treasure

  • As our services are intended for businesses in the food industry, purchases are not available for regular consumers. Information about your business is required when you make a purchase.
  • The aim of all our services is to export samples. Commercial uses of the samples is prohibited, such as reselling them or using them as items for official menus.

Subsidized by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF)
PR Supported by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Operated by The Japanese Food and Ingredient Supply Chain Platform Consortium

Working in collaboration with Japanese Food and Ingredient Supporter Stores