Non-Gluten Japan Rice Flour

Foods labeled "non-gluten" in Japan have a gluten content of "1 ppm or less"

Foods labeled non-gluten in Japan have a gluten content of 1 ppm or less

In Japan, rice flour with a gluten content of "1 part per million (ppm) or less" is labeled with the mark shown on the left under a fair third-party certification system.
While foods labeled gluten-free must not contain more than "20 ppm" gluten, those labeled non-gluten must not contain more than "1 ppm" gluten, which is 1/20 the former level.
In short, foods labeled non-gluten have cleared a stricter standard than those labeled gluten-free.

Non-gluten Gluten-free
Maximum gluten content allowed for the labeling 1ppm 20ppm

Characteristics of Japanese rice flour

  • (1) Wide range of uses

    Japan's advanced milling techniques enable production of finely milled, high-quality rice flour which can be put to a wide range of uses for the low level of starchdamage.

  • (2) Springy texture when baked

  • (3) Light and healthy when deep-fried

    Rice flour batter, which absorbs less oil than wheat flour batter, makes the crispy texture last longer.

  • (4) Well-balanced amino acids

    Rice flour contains the nine essential amino acids, which are vital for the human body, in a well-balanced manner.