Soldum (Sumomo)Confiture

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Product No. 56
Target buyer Retail
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Category Bread & Jams & Cereal / Jams
Perfecture of origin
Best before date 90 days
Storage temperature range keep refrigerated after opening
  • Granulated beet sugar
  • Malt sugar
  • Polysaccharide thickener
  • Trehalose
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    Allergy components

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    [Producer / Wholesaler] AGRISTREAM KIMURA FARM 株式会社
    [Location] Miyazaki
    This confiture is predominantly popular among ladies. It has delicate sweetness and rather strong sour taste which create a great harmony within the mouth. Ladies do not say “It tastes good”, they simply say “I love it”.
    Use scene
    With yogurt, pancakes, black tea, bread, soda water, still water etc. etc.
    Producer's comment
    Using only the ripened soldum makes the confiture too sweet. We use the ripe ones to get a clear color, and add some young ones to create the sour taste, which many ladies simply love. As the color fades quite easily, trehalose is added to keep the sharpness of the color.
    Difference between the products of other companies
    First of all, I have almost never seen jams or confiture that contain this ingredient. This soldum is a very precious product with rarity value in Japan. I have once tried to make confiture using the local soldum produced in Miyazaki, which I found at a supermarket, but the taste of confiture came out to be completely different. The soldum of this 80-year old couple, carefully made with sweat and hard work yet with no corner-cutting, offers a clear difference in taste.