"TOKI NO SHIZUKU Mango" Confiture

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    [Producer / Wholesaler] AGRISTREAM KIMURA FARM 株式会社
    [Location] Miyazaki
    Jam that uses mango made of Miyazaki Prefecture and the citrus in the same prefecture specialty "Hebesu", and is produced with the aim of confining the original flavor of the fruit. To be a convenient product, it was developed to be between jam and sauce. Using brand mango "Tokino Shizuku mango" of Kimura Farm in Miyazaki Prefecture of Kyushu, as the material, it adds granulated sugar, "Hebesu" juice and flesh which is the local ingredients of Miyazaki. "Hebesu" is a citrus harvested in summer near Hyūga-shi, Miyazaki Prefecture, and the character is a bit like lime a refreshing sour taste. Provide the accent of the scent of sourness and citrus into sweetness of the mango. Won the best taste award of the ITQI international taste contest 3 stars.
    Use scene
    By simmering mango, which is the basic material, for the time you need, make jam moderate hardness and trapped the taste of mango. Therefore, the usage will expand as using the basis for a variety of dishes sauce and applying to the source of the ice cream. It is used at a hotel in Japan as the cocktail base. It can be preserved in the condition of preserved (unopened) for 12 months.
    Producer's comment
    Tokishino Shizuku Mango is brand mango packed with the unique texture being slimy and unique to ripe, and the sweetness like reminiscent of honey. As getting the praise of taste far superior to those of other brands, we are proud to have made a taste of the top class of Miyazaki Prefecture. To make Tokino Shizuku, down the mountain rock and soil, and always keep the height of 1.3 m tree of mango that grows to normal about 25 m, we do fine works every day.
    Difference between the products of other companies
    No matter how natural conditions change, it must be harvested on April to May when mango will be enjoyed best. The reaction when people who cannot eat mango eat Tokino Shizuku mango is the expression of bewilderment. By all means, please try it once.