Okutomien Matcha (Processed)

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    [Producer / Wholesaler] NPO Agriculture Support Team in Saitama
    [Location] Saitama
    Tea leaves that grows in Sayama, cool region, has a umami flavor and dark vivid green color. For powdered green tea leaves are covered with a big black cloth on tea tree for 3 weeks before picking up. Blocking sunlight by covering, the sprout slowly grow soft, so that an increase in the number of tannin, astringent component, is suppressed, the component theanine of flavor are remained more, and tea strong flavor of umami is finished. Sayama Tea is counted as one of the three great Japanease tea such as "the color is Shizuoka, the fragrance is Uji, and the taste put the lid one in Sayama " from Edo era of 300 years ago, and is known throughout the country as well as Shizuoka tea and Uji tea.
    Use scene
    It is a traditional powdered green tea which tea leaves are powdered. You can drink the tea as served matcha as it is, and it is powdered green tea so that apply such as adding to the sauce of the sweets and ice cream. To put on the finishing touches at the time of the cuisine such as adding color of matcha, refreshing, and fragrance to sweets and drinks, or sprinkle on the ingredients as color or fragrance, you can use to add a touch of bright green color of Japanese tea leaves and fresh scent.
    Producer's comment
    Engaged in the production of one Farm consistently from cultivation to manufacturing is the characteristics of Sayama tea. Cultivate tea trees and manufacturing techniques from the generation of parent to children, and the information such as the growing condition of the tea leaves is transmission to one son. So, the unique tea is born as completely taste differs depending on the farm even though they brought up the some tea plant species.
    Sayama tea is grown in parts of the cooler climate in Japan so the tea leaves are thick. The method of Sayama tea is that the steaming process is longer than the leaves of other areas in order to bring out the flavor from the thick leaves. The characteristics of Sayama tea, hardness, umami, and darker colors, are brought. Since the products that are introduced in this page is produced as a treatment for powdered green tea, the price is low so that you can easily, and we make powdered green tea at the top rank which tea leaves is examined more carefully like using in tea ceremony. By all means, please inquire us if it is necessary.