Ground White Sesame/Ground Black Sesame(10packs)

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[Sample weight] 85.0 g
[Target country] Australia France Hong Kong Singapore United States
[Available season] Year-Round
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Product No. 24
Target buyer Retail
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Category Dry Foods / Sesame
Perfecture of origin Saga
Best before date 180 days
Storage temperature range Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
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    Bundle 1 bundle
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    CTN size W 12.0cm / H 19.0cm / D 13.5cm
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    [Producer / Wholesaler] TAIKOU FOODS CO.,LTD
    [Location] Saga
    TAIKO FOODS selects the best of the best sesame seeds in terms of taste, aroma and safety from more than 3000 seeds grown all over the world.
    Use scene
    The most popular way is sprinkling over boiled vegetables for seasoning. Another recommendation is adding into miso soup, salad dressing, noodle like ramen and hot pot cooking. If adding in minced meat, you will have a fluffy and tasty hamburger steak. Add some ground sesame in milk you drink every morning for a healthier diet. Especially, ground black sesame goes well with sweets; it matches with ice cream, Japanese sweets dumpling balls, and even yogurt. Mix ground black sesame in curry and rice and you will have a tasty plate with increasing umami flavor.

    Producer's comment
    TAIKO FOODS developed an original sesame roaster and grinder. Skilled artisans control the everyday conditions with the greatest care such as temperature and humidity and adjust roasting and grinding with the original machines appropriately to make the best aroma and taste.

    The ground sesame is
    The ground sesame is sold across Japan via mail order. The rich aroma and flavor have been gaining popularity and increasing customers through word of mouth. Please try our ground sesame with whatever dishes you like. Your kids don’t like vegetables? – Please add a pinch of ground sesame and they will be willing to eat the dish of vegetables!