Nana Homare, steamed soybeans

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* β-conglycinin rich soybeans, "Nana Homare", are used. Whole domestic soybeans, Nana Homare ae packed. They have the original flavor and nutrition of soybeans and oft and fluffy texture. Once you open the pack you can eat as they are! "β-conglycinin" against health risks is now drawing attention among proteins in soybeans. Nana Homare contain twice as much of this ingredient as normal soybeans.
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    β-conglycinin is a protein contained in soybeans and about 5 g per day by ingesting them, it is known that the blood neutral fat concentration is reduced. "Nana Homare" are soybeans contain about twice as much β-conglycinin as usual soybeans, and identified that the results of studies have shown effective in reducing relatively high blood neutral fat. These packages make the healthy soybeans easier to eat steamed.
    Use scene
    You can enjoy them as they are, just as snacks, and such as snacks for beer. You can take them as a supplement after fitness, after sports. Since they were steamed in a moderate softness, it is convenient for various dishes by simply seasoning them.

    Producer's comment
    It has been 70 years as a manufacturer of tofu production equipments. As a pioneer of soybean processed foods such as productions of soy milk and tofu and fine ground soybean powder, we participated in the research of rare varieties "Nana Homare", and commercialized them. We will contribute to healthy daily life of people with the soybeans.
    Three works to reduce neutral fat of β-conglycinin
    1. "Metabolism promotion", Encourages neutral fat to become energy in the liver, as a result, fatty acids decrease 2. "Synthetic suppression", By decreasing fatty acids, neutral fat made from these decreases 3."Absorption inhibition", Suppress neutral fat absorption in the small intestine and increase excretion in feces