Smoked Quail Egg

Smoked Quail Egg

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Product information
Best before date 120 Expiration date
Capacity 15.0count Weight 0.3Kg
Maximum sales volume 10 Size
  • Sugar
  • Bonito soup
  • Brown sugar
  • Kelp soup extract
  • Salt
Main ingredients
Allergy components
  • egg
  • wheat
  • soy
Storage temperature range
Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
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[Target country] Australia Hong Kong United States Vietnam

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Weight 6.5Kg
  • W 48.0cm / H 24.5cm / D 18.0cm
Maximum sales volume 100

The characteristic of the quail eggs of the Hamanako Farm is the fact that "antibiotics is not used at all" and that "it is safe organic quail eggs raised with the minimum amount of fungicide and vaccine". Lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria contained in the food play a role of bactericidal effect protecting the quails from diseases and make even more energetic eggs. Such quail eggs are smoked with cherry tip to make this item. There are two basic types of the packs including 5 pieces and 15 pieces, but we can cope with packages for commercial use.
Use scene
* It's perfect as a snack for a child and a snack with alcohol. * It is recommended as a nutritional supplement after exercise for those who go to a gym with health consciousness.

Productor's comment
A very small egg. It contains everything so that a quail is born. So, eating eggs means eating the whole life. It means you'd take the whole life of a quail. We make "capsules of life" filled abundantly with the life of small quails and microorganisms, and we deliver them to everyone.