Hidamari Tangerine Juice

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    [Producer / Wholesaler] PRODUCTORING CO., LTD.
    [Location] Shizuoka

    * As if you are eating Mikkabi mikan, you can enjoy the delicious taste as it is. * No additives, preservatives, colorants and flavoring are used. This is a straight juice that uses juices as it is instead of a "from-concentrate" method to concentrate juice to reconstitute it in water to the original concentration on commercializing. * Also, we peel one piece of skin in manual labor. It doesn't have any oil in the skin so it doesn't have bitter taste, so you can keep it thick. * Aoshima mandarin oranges are stored so that sweetness increases after harvesting. We make juice of Aoshima Mikan in the most delicious season that has the strongest sweetness.

    Use scene
    * For women, and people who are conscious of beauty and health. * From children to adults, anyone can drink safely.

    Producer's comment
    Make agricultural products that we can talk about feelings. We aim for sustainable agriculture where workers smile. And we are making mandarin oranges where you can enjoy such a delicious taste of nature "Stretch our hands out." "Can't quit it. Can't stop it." . We are not only to make and sell but also working on overseas markets . We are still a small undertaking in a large area of production, but would like to create a successful example of innovative initiatives, and further improve the production area with new farmers.

    The reason of Hamamatsu City Mikan Deliciousness
    Hamamatsu City boasts the highest level of sunshine in Japan. This sunshine makes mikan sweet. The leaves make sugar as sweetness by "photosynthesis". In order to maximize the benefits of abundant sunshine, the mikan farm is spreading on the sunny slope of the southern side of the town.