Ohagi Tsubuan (smashed sweet red beans) Pilo

  • Frozen
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[Sample weight] 50.0 g
[Target country] France Hong Kong Singapore Vietnam
[Available season] Year-Round
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Product No. 524
Target buyer Retail & Wholesale
Package for wholesale
Category Confectionery / Japanese confectionery & Rice crackers
Perfecture of origin Aichi
Best before date 365 days
Storage temperature range Keep frozen
Certifications Factory certified by Japan Frozen Food Association
  • Salt 0.1% (Sea water: Kagawa)
  • Red bean paste 60.0% (Adzuki beans: Hokkaido, sugar: Hokkaido, malted sugar: USA, agar: South America, Mediterranean, and salt: Mexico)
  • 19.7% glutinous rice: Hokkaido
  • 5.2% malt sugar (Corn, etc.: USA, etc.)
  • 9.8% water (Tap water: Aichi)
  • Main ingredients
    Allergy components

    Trading Information

    Reference price in Japan $1.25

    Net weight 50.0  g
    Unit / CTN 40
    Bundle 3 bundle
    Net weight / CTN 2.3 kg
    Gross weight / CTN 6.9 kg
    CTN size W 25.0cm / H 37.0cm / D 33.0cm
    Minimum Order Quantity(CTN) 1 CTN
    Transport conditions
  • Frozen
  • [Producer / Wholesaler] Hanakikyo Co.,Ltd.
    [Location] Aichi
    We wrap glutinous rice with red bean paste made from Hokkaido adzuki beans. It's an individual package type.
    Use scene
    Please leave out to thaw it naturally and eat it as it is. It is liked by everyone as a dessert after meals at restaurants and buffet. It is also used for Elderly care facility, school meals and in-flight meals.