Oshaburi Kombu

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[Sample weight] 30.0 g
[Target country] Australia France Hong Kong Singapore United States Vietnam
[Available season] Year-Round
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Product No. 463
Target buyer Retail
Package for wholesale
Category Confectionery / Others
Perfecture of origin Aichi
Best before date 180 days
Storage temperature range Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
  • Bonito soup extract
  • Salt
  • vinegar
  • Yeast extract
  • Mirin
  • Main ingredients
    Allergy components

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    Net weight 30.0  g
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    Bundle 1 bundle
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    [Producer / Wholesaler] Sanko Ltd.
    [Location] Aichi
    It is made from the kelp grown in Hokkaido. In order not to damage the kelp's flavour, it uses bonito for seasoning and adds a refreshing lemon flavour.