[egg free]made from strawberry from NARA and rice flour【"Kotoka" Strawberry Cookie】

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Product No. 467
Target buyer Retail & Wholesale
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Category Confectionery / Biscuits & cookies
Perfecture of origin Nara
Best before date 90 days
Storage temperature range Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
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    Net weight 36.0  g
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    CTN size W 110.0cm / H 110.0cm / D 80.0cm
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    [Producer / Wholesaler] NaraOonoFarm
    [Location] Nara
    Since my daughter was allergic to eggs, I had a hard time as a parent. So, I decided to make a snack without eggs and developed this cookie. In addition, I abundantly use rich and sweet strawberries, "Kotoka", which is grown only in Nara Prefecture so that you can buy the cookie as "souvenir in Nara". This is a delicious cookie that you can enjoy the authentic strawberry scent (^O^). Because the cookies are small in size, they are easy to eat. And the package has a zipper, so you can eat the cookies little by little.
    Use scene
    It is perfect for a gift or souvenir to your friends. Since the package has a zipper so you can eat cookies little by little by putting the package in your bag when you go to work or commute to work.
    Producer's comment
    My daughter is allergic to eggs, so I had a hard time finding foods not containing eggs at supermarkets and department stores. Although it is very convenient now, I keenly felt that there are surprisingly few simple products. So I decided to make "a snack without eggs" At the same time, I expected that "I would like to make a souvenir of Nara". Then I loved the very delicious strawberry "Kotoka" that was grown only in Nara Prefecture planned and developed cookies and I planned to develop the cookie. You can fully enjoy the delicious aftertaste of authentic strawberries. (^O^)
    Customers' Voice
    I received messages from the customers, such that "I will present to children and acquaintances who suffer from egg allergy", "I am addicted to the feeling of real strawberries" and "It is perfect for a present in a moderate size". Also, I ask nursery schools to purchase the business products so that the children can eat them as snacks.