Roasted-Matcha(Roasted Green Tea Powder)

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Product No. 489
Target buyer Retail & Wholesale
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Category Drinks / Tea leaves & powdered tea
Perfecture of origin Shizuoka
Best before date 365 days
Storage temperature range Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
  • Hojicha (Roasted Tea) Powder
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    [Producer / Wholesaler] Kanei Hitokoto Seicha Inc.
    [Location] Shizuoka

    Only organic tea leaves are used for this product for exporting business. Though this is micro-powder form, the raw material of houji tea leaves are dark roast(Italian roast) so the fragrance and flavor are strong, you can enjoy various recipes using this product. Matcha is bright green, and houji tea is deep brown like chocolate. Coming up with new recipes with new ingredient can be hard, but you can just replace matcha with houji powder in your original recipes.

    Use scene
    Dark roast(Italian roast) tea leaves originally made for espresso machine use, is now available in micro-powder form. Just like Matcha, it can be dissolved in hot water. Make high concentration of houji tea espresso then pour some steamed milk, you can have houji tea latte. You can also mix the powder in pancake dough to make houji flavor pancakes.
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    Japanese Tea Product of JAPAN