Barley Koji (rice malt) Inaka Miso "Miso Namete"

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Product No. 602
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Category Seasoning & Spices / Miso
Perfecture of origin Kagoshima
Best before date 365 days
Storage temperature range Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
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    [Producer / Wholesaler] Fujimoto-jozo &Co.,Ltd
    [Location] Kagoshima

    In a historic stone molded koji room, the miso is made by hand. We insist on domestic (especially Kyushu) raw materials including soybeans made by contracted farmers and ship the miso as it is without heat treatment using no preservatives or coloring agents at all.

    Use scene
    It is ideal for dishes that use miso, such as miso soup, pork soup, grilled rice balls, meat and fish miso pickles, and stewed dishes.

    Producer's comment
    Our factory, which was established in 1800, is located close to the Japanese heritage samurai residences. The factory building was used as the hangar for the Zero fighter planes during the war. In the koji room where the entire room is made of stone, we can completely control the temperature and humidity, so we can create a good koji that is the key factor of the taste of the miso. It is a unique brewery facility of historical value, the place which has lived with history and still plays an active role even now.