Domestic organic soy sauce "Tokiarubeshi"

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Product No. 418
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Category Seasoning & Spices / Soy sauce
Perfecture of origin
Best before date 730 days
Storage temperature range Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
Certifications JAS
  • Salt
  • organic soy bean
  • Organic wheat
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  • organic soy bean
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  • wheat
  • soy
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    [Producer / Wholesaler] DAITOKU SOY SAUCE
    [Location] Hyogo

    This is "Tokiarubeshi" organic soy sauce stocked with Hiragama salt in Nagasaki by using 100% of rare domestic organic soybeans and domestic organic wheat. Naturally brewed soy sauce aged taking time slowly in seasonal temperature changes is characterized by mellow rich fragrance with yeast in storage settled in Japanese cedar brewer. <div><br></div> It is a seasoning that complements the taste of ingredients in harmony with the dish rather than add a taste to cooking,<div><br></div> Organic JAS certified product.
    Producer's comment
    Yeast from "ancestors" living in the tanks of the walls in the brewery gave soy sauce a generous flavor. If it is "Washoku" that has made the longevity of Japanese people, it seems that miso soy sauce that supports Japanese food must be a seasoning that resonates with body cells. It is our image of making soy sauce that we are aiming for that yeast and lactic acid bacteria that settled in the warehouse, and various wild species brewing widely tasty soy sauce while creating a unique ecosystem.