Hitachino Ume Syrup "Pure Sweet"

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[Sample weight] 160.0 ml
[Target country] Singapore
[Available season] Year-Round
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Product No. 367
Target buyer Retail
Package for wholesale
Category Drinks / Others
Perfecture of origin Ibaraki
Best before date 240 days
Storage temperature range Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
  • Sugar
  • Japanese plum
  • Main ingredients
  • Japanese plum
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    Reference price in Japan $12.45

    Net weight 300.0  ml
    Unit / CTN 12
    Bundle 1 bundle
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    CTN size W 27.5cm / H 39.5cm / D 16.5cm
    Minimum Order Quantity(CTN) 3 CTN
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  • [Producer / Wholesaler] Yoshidaya
    [Location] Tokyo
    Hitachino Ume Syrup ""Pure Sweet"" is a plum syrup which uses 100% of Ume Hitachino Ume from Ibaraki Prefecture and pickled with only sugar, and with no additive and no-free coloring (no additives, sweeteners, colorants, flavoring, etc.). This is a healthy syrup that contains a lot of citric acid that can be used in a variety of scenes, including beverages (seven-fold dilution), confectionery materials, and cooking at home.
    Producer's comment
    The ancestor of our company, Asakichi Ohyama, started sales as producing and selling pickles mainly for pickled plum, Narazuke, pickled Japanese leek, ginger, and other pickles, in Tenpou year 1 (1830) with the fictitious business name of "Yoshidaya Asakichi Shoten" at the current head office. Since then, we have continued to carry out our business of selling pickles in a single way. In 1954, Asakichi Ohyama the Fifth reorganized and established Yoshidaya Co., Ltd., and hitherto existing. We incorporates new techniques into traditional tastes, and are working hard every day with 21 employees under Morio Ohyama the Eighth.