Fried Capelin(Shishamo) with roe

  • Frozen
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[Target country] Vietnam Singapore
[Available season] Year-Round
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Product No. 374
Target buyer Retail
Package for wholesale
Category Seafood & Fish / Others
Perfecture of origin Ibaraki
Best before date 365 days
Storage temperature range Keep frozen
Certifications HACCP
  • Flour
  • vegetable oil
  • Salt
  • Starch
  • Corn flour
  • Mirin
  • Dried bonito soup
  • Kelp soup
  • Karafuto Capelin(from Canada)
  • Wheat flour(includes flour)
  • Vegetable protein (Soy)
  • Main ingredients
  • Karafuto Capelin(from Canada)
  • Allergy components

    Trading Information

    Reference price in Japan $20.55

    Net weight
    Unit / CTN 3
    Bundle 1 bundle
    Net weight / CTN 1.0 kg
    Gross weight / CTN 1.4 kg
    CTN size W 42.0cm / H 18.5cm / D 8.5cm
    Minimum Order Quantity(CTN) 4 CTN
    Transport conditions
  • Frozen
  • [Producer / Wholesaler] Yamaishi
    [Location] Tokyo
    We go directly to Canada and choose fish carefully according to the situation every year. We are particular about the processing in Ibaraki Prefecture's Oarai, and we are thinking about providing freshly made products after processing. This Shishamo won the "National Federation of Fisheries Processing Cooperatives Chairman's Award" "Housewife Grand Prize".
    Producer's comment
    Our business priority is that we must produce fine seafood. We have more than 80 years history as a seafood processing company. In this long term period, we integrated methods how to provide fine foods as a seafood professional. Our productions are not only good flavour but also well concerned using more natural ingredients for our customers rather than using chemical additives. Also we provide less bread ratio for the products because we really want to make our customer know the taste of fine fish. From these reasons, our productions are really suitable for the all age groupe from young to elder persons. We wish lots of customers would enjoy our Japanese top quality seafoods!