Sanbaizu Vinegar of Marushosu Jozomoto (300ml)

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Category Seasoning & Spices / Vinegar
Perfecture of origin
Best before date 365 days
Storage temperature range Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
  • Sugar
  • Authentically brewed soy sauce
  • Pure rice vinegar
  • Rice fermented seasoning
  • Mirin
  • * Including wheat and soybean as part of raw materials
  • Sweet sake
  • Flavor seasonings (dried bonito, kelp)
  • Main ingredients
  • Rice
  • Allergy components
  • wheat
  • soy
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    [Location] Wakayama

    It is a luxury item that takes advantage of natural taste with pure rice vinegar, honjozo soy sauce, amazake, honmirin, kelp, etc based on fresh bonito.

    Use scene
    Introducing the recipe using Sanbaizu vinegar [Bean-starch vermicelli salad] <Ingredients> for 2 people Bean-starch vermicelli 30g Zucchini 1/4 (Thin Cut) Red onion 1/4 (Slice) A pinch of natural salt Sanbaizu vinegar 70cc Red chili pepper 1/4 of teaspoon (mash) <How to make> 1. Lightly rub the zucchini and red onion with salt and cut off excess moisture. 2. Boil the bean-starch vermicelli and cool. 3. Put 1 and 2 and chili pepper in a bowl, and mix with Chanpon vinegar. 4. Arrange on a serving dish.

    Producer's comment
    Vinegar of Marushosu Jozomoto is still made in a complete ancient brewing method by using the Kumano Nachi River's infiltration water in the Kumano Sugi "Komokamuri wooden bucket" that is a wooden storehouse over 130 years old. The third president, Seiji Kosaka, who is the third-generation president working this job for 60 years, makes the vinegar with this brewing method which is difficult to control temperature and humidity. Through the process of effort, mild, rich, sweet, and tender vinegar that has increased umami ingredients in amino acid.