Gyokuro (refined green tea) Powder Stick

Gyokuro (refined green tea) Powder Stick

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Product information
Best before date 240 Expiration date 240
Capacity 5.0g Weight 0.007Kg
Maximum sales volume 30 Size
  • W 4.5cm / H 1.0cm / D 11.0cm
  • Japanese green tea
Main ingredients
  • Japanese green tea
Allergy components
Storage temperature range
Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
[Producer] KOBATAEN
[Category] Tea leaves & powdered tea
[Target country] Australia Hong Kong Singapore United States Vietnam
Keeping rich taste and flavor of gyokuro as it is, weve processed it to powder so that you can enjoy tea easily. Since it is a powder, it is easy to clean after having tea without used tea leaves. You can also take all ingredients contained in tea. Please use it for making sweets and cooking. Its a stick type so its easy to use. It is also convenient to take it with you. Just put one bottle of gyokuro stick in 450 ml of bottled water. You can drink fresh Gyokuro anytime. You can easily drink a cold bottle of green tea just by purchasing cold bottled water outside, putting powder and shaking it. You can also it for making sweets and cooking. It is also delicious to put it on yogurt or ice cream.
Use scene
Just putting gyokuro stick into a plastic bottles of 500 ml water and shake it. At any time you can drink fresh gyokuro. Its delicious even on yogurt or ice cream.