Sakuramasamune Daiginjo Sakura Cup 180ml

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Product No. 235
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Category Alcoholic Drinks / Sake
Perfecture of origin Hyogo
Best before date 270 days
Storage temperature range keep refrigerated after opening
Alcohol degree 15 %
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  • Rice
  • Rice koji
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    [Producer / Wholesaler] Skuramasamune
    [Location] Hyogo

    "Daiginjo Sakura Cup" is a daiginjo-shu that is carefully made from the most suitable rice for sake brewing, "Yamada Nishiki" polished up to 50%. It is a clear and crisp sake with excellent umami and gorgeous aroma of polished rice. It won the Grand Prix at "Japanese Sake Champions Cup" sponsored by the Sakebunka Institute, Inc. in 2007.
    Use scene
    With this sharp and clear daiginjo-shu with fruity fragrance, you can enjoy not only Japanese food but also various dishes. Recommended pairing: Cold vegetables, Light dishes making the best of ingredients, Cheese, etc. (Example: Fresh fish carpaccio, Shrimp and avocado cocktail, Steamed chicken, Camembert cheese, etc.) Recommended temperature zone for serving: 10℃ - 40℃

    Producer's comment
    Sakura Masamune is a 1625 year old brewery that is located in Uozaki-go in Nada-Gogo Hyogo Prefecture, founded in 1717. It is about 400 years after sake brewing. It is a brewery that has been together with the history of development of its brewery, as hard water "Miyamizu" suitable for brewery without iron was discovered, and the origin of "Masamune", and the pioneer in the full high-precision rice brewing by water mill, and the Association's No. 1 yeast birth brewery. (* What is the Association No.1 yeast? : In 1904, the government established a state brewing laboratory, and as a result of searching for excellent yeast for safety brewing and alcohol quality improvement, Sakura Masamune yeast was the best, and it was distributed to the nationwide as "Association No. 1 yeast.")

    About Nada-Gogo
    The term "Nada-Gogo" refers to 5-Gos (Nishi-go, Mikage-go, Uozaki-go, Nishinomiya-go, Imazu-go) located about 15 kilometers along the coast between Kobe city and Nishinomiya city in Hyogo Prefecture, and currently, a total of 27 companies operate to produce about one-third of Japanese sake. The cold wind from Mt. Roko (Roko Oroshi) is suitable for the cold season. A good quality sake rice in Settsu and Banshu, including Yamada nishiki. A good quality underground-water from Mt. Rokko. A diligent and excellent Tanba Toji. Japanese sake, Sakura Masamune, is produced in Nada-Gogo where these good conditions overlap.