Red Plum Wine 300ml

Red Plum Wine 300ml

  • Dry

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Product information
Best before date 1000 Expiration date 1000
Capacity 300.0g Weight 0.61Kg
Maximum sales volume 5 Size
  • W 5.0cm / H 22.0cm / D 5.0cm
  • Alcohol for brewing
  • Aroma essence
  • Japanese plum
  • Sugar
  • Vegetable pigment
  • Antioxidant (rosemary extraction)
Main ingredients
  • Japanese plum
Allergy components
Storage temperature range
Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
[Producer] AZUMANOEN Co.,Ltd.
[Category] Liqueurs
[Target country] Australia France Hong Kong Singapore United States Vietnam
Mellow Umeshu using ripe Kishu Nanko plum, adding natural pigment of red perilla, gives it a refreshing taste.