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Product information
Best before date 900 Expiration date 900
Capacity 300.0g Weight 0.303Kg
Maximum sales volume 100 Size
  • W 8.0cm / H 23.0cm / D 2.0cm
  • Flour
  • Food coloring agent (Turmeric)
  • Japanese plum
  • Salt
  • Seaweed
Main ingredients
  • Condiments (amino acid etc.)
Allergy components
  • wheat
Storage temperature range
Store in a well-ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight
[Category] Cold/Hiyamugi noodles
[Target country] Australia France Hong Kong Singapore United States Vietnam
Comes with white, green, yellow and red noodles. We serve joy to the table.24 bags of 300g each in 1 case. 300g×24bags 1CTN
Use scene
Somen (fine white noodles), hot somen (nyumen), noodles with sea bream, somen with grated yam, fried somen (champuru), salad, soups, etc.

Productor's comment
We became the first in the domestic dried noodles industry to acquire the Halal Certificate in April 2014. Anything that complies with Islam (Islamic law) is labeled "Halal" and "food that can be eaten" under Islam is called a Halal product (Halal food, etc.). For example, eating pork is forbidden in the world of Islam. Alcohols and preservatives, sweet rice wine and cooking sake that use alcohols are also prohibited. Other than that, for instance, while you can eat chicken, beef, lamb and other meats, they cannot be called Halal foods if they are not treated or processed using the appropriate method that complies with the teachings of Islam. With this, being "Halal food" requires clearing quite strict inspection. Even seasonings need verification that they do not use non-Halal stuff up to the raw materials. Our companys Halal Certificate is a certificate that shows that we have cleared the above strict inspection and we comply with Islams laws.
"We want to bring deliciousness, safety and security to your table."
Based on our management philosophy of bringing "health and happiness to customers through food", we have established our food safety policy as follows. 1. We will continue to provide "flavors that will please our customers" and "safe and secure food" through the manufacturing, processing and sale of dried noodles and half-boiled noodles that are our main products. 2. We aim to strictly follow set rules and improve quality, safety and hygiene without sacrificing innovativeness in order to satisfy the tongues and hearts of our customers.