Assorted Top Quality Dried Abalone (Yoshihama) 500g

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    Dried abalone is said to be one of four major Chinese seafood (dried abalone, dried sea cucumber, shirk fin and swallows nest) among a wide range of Chinese cuisines. Among dried abalones, Kippin Kampo is one of the three major dried abalones (the best class dried abalones) in addition to Oami Kampo and Oma Kampo. * Kippin Kampo is smaller than Oami Kampo, but it is said to have better taste. Kippin Kampo and Oami Kampo had been exported to China and other countries as a high class food material since the Edo era, but the production ceased in around 1955. After 1988 (when Heisei started), the production of those dried abalones were restarted by local Yoshihama Fishery Cooperative based on the old "Manufacturing Instructions" through trial and error processes. Our best-in-class products are thoroughly made from carefully selected domestic high class abalone in a Japanese traditional way by the producer and are the ones purchased directly from the producer by way of a unique route.