"UMIKAZE TO TOKI NO TAKARA" (Soy Sauce) *Soy sauce like a treasure from the sea

"UMIKAZE TO TOKI NO TAKARA" (Soy Sauce) *Soy sauce like a treasure from the sea

  • Dry

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Product information
Best before date 365 Expiration date 365
Capacity 200.0g Weight 0.5Kg
Maximum sales volume 5 Size
  • W 7.0cm / H 15.0cm / D 7.0cm
  • Condiments (amino acid etc.)
  • Salt
Main ingredients
  • Condiments (amino acid etc.)
  • Salt
Allergy components
  • wheat
  • soy
Storage temperature range
keep refrigerated after opening
[Producer] HOPE LLC,
[Category] Soy sauce
[Target country] Australia France Hong Kong Singapore United States Vietnam

Since our inception in 1919, we have brewed soy sauce at a wooden storehouse through our traditional manufacturing method. Several tools such as cedar casks and linen cloths have been carefully used since the beginning of our history. Besides, "yeast" and "lactic bacteria" have watched a process of the soy sauce making by artisans. They have been living in pillars and beams of the storehouse for fermented/unrefined soy sauce. We have aged the "fermented/unrefined soy sauce" in our traditional cedar casks for two years in order to complete our soy sauce.

Use scene
This soy sauce is good for sashimi (raw fish), sushi and cold tofu, etc., but you will be able to enjoy its rich flavor if you use it for simmered food.

Productor's comment
This product was made by artisans at a traditional storehouse for fermented/unrefined soy sauce. The artisans with a passion spent two years to mature and finish this soy sauce.