Dried Pear (Kosui)

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[Sample weight] 30.0 g
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Product No. 92
Target buyer Wholesale
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Category Vegetables and Fruits / Dried fruits
Perfecture of origin Toyama
Best before date 180 days
Storage temperature range keep refrigerated after opening
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    Reference price in Japan $6.23

    Net weight 30.0  g
    Unit / CTN
    Bundle 1 bundle
    Net weight / CTN 30.0 kg
    Gross weight / CTN 0.03 kg
    CTN size W 23.0cm / H 13.0cm / D 17.0cm
    Minimum Order Quantity(CTN)
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    [Producer / Wholesaler] HOPE LLC,
    [Location] Toyama

    We use "Kureha Pears" , one of the indigenous products of Toyama Prefecture, directly delivered from our contract farmers and condense delicious tastes by processing the freshly picked pears. Our dried pears concentrate sweetness of pears and have a natural flavor.

    Use scene
    Enjoying this dried pear as snacks is great, but the best eating ways are to mix chopped dried fruits into a salad and add them to a Bavarian cream or an ice cream. You will enjoy excellent delicious tastes.

    Producer's comment
    All ingredients used in our dried pears come from Toyama Prefecture. Without using any chemical seasonings and additives, this product is produced by making the most of ingredients flavor. Therefore, our dried pears are additive-free and good for the body.