Umeboshi (Pickled Japanese Plum) (160g)

Umeboshi (Pickled Japanese Plum) (160g)

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Best before date 365 Expiration date 365
Capacity 160.0g Weight 0.18Kg
Maximum sales volume 10 Size
  • W 13.0cm / H 4.0cm / D 13.0cm
  • Japanese plum
  • Red perilla
  • Salt
Main ingredients
  • Japanese plum
Allergy components
Storage temperature range
keep refrigerated after opening
[Producer] HOPE LLC,
[Category] Pickled plum
[Target country] Australia France Hong Kong Singapore United States Vietnam

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Weight 5.7Kg
  • W 42.0cm / H 17.5cm / D 28.0cm
Maximum sales volume 2

"Inazumi Plum" is an indigenous plum in Toyama Prefecture. Unlike other species of plums, the Inazumi Plums characteristic is that its branches seldom grow sidlingly. Due to this characteristic, there is not much snow on the branches, and this plum has adapted to Toyamas snowy climate. With a thick plum meat, a seed can be smoothly separated from the meat. Seeds are small. A lot of Japanese households in Himi City have used the Inazumi Plum as Umeboshi (Pickled Japanese Plum) for a long time due to its good sour taste. It is rich in citric acid and is good for recovery from fatigue.

Use scene
Please enjoy this plum when you eat rice or rice with green tea. The plum meat is also used as ingredients of sushi rolls and seasoning of simmered food. Besides, plum juice is healthy alkaline juice and is good for your beauty.

Productor's comment
Our plum, produced by farmers who carry out an eco-friendly production, is additive-free and safe. They produce plums by using a traditional production method (dry plums in the sun) that has become rare today. All of the core ingredients (citric acid and alkaline mineral) are kept in plums.