Blackthroat Seaperch Rounds from Sanin Coast (Fresh Vacuum Packs for Sashimi)

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[Sample weight] 400.0 g
[Target country] Hong Kong Singapore
[Available season] Sep. Oct. Nov.
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Product No. 63
Target buyer Wholesale
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Category Seafood & Fish / Others
Perfecture of origin
Best before date 540 days
Storage temperature range Keep frozen
  • Blackthroat Seaperch 
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    Allergy components

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    Reference price in Japan $93.39

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    CTN size W 30.0cm / H 50.0cm / D 12.0cm
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    [Producer / Wholesaler] 株式会社 SOL JAPAN
    [Location] Shimane

    It has a profound taste with its white meat bringing out the sweetness of the fats.

    Use scene
    Salt-grilled, Bouillabaisse

    Producer's comment
    After purchasing it from the fish markets, we carry out the processing in our own factories. Our experienced specialists process the fish quickly and efficiently so as to prevent the decline in quality. We carefully remove the backbones for the fillets, put them into vacuum packs to prevent oxidation, and blow cold wind to prevent deterioration. We put them into special freezers and also carry out proper thawing techniques so as to serve them as sashimi.
    Story of Establishment
    Our story began from a small fishing village in Kashimacho Mitsu, Matsu city, Shimane Prefecture, in March 1962. We love our hometown of Matsue that is blessed with rich resources, and wanted to build a shop full of happy smiles. With great determination and passion, our founder took the first step forward. As Japan’s aging population and declining birth rate worsens, the working age population (15 ~ 64 year olds) is rapidly decreasing. The working age population dropped from 8.717 million in 1995, to 7.883 million in 2013, and is forecasted to fall beyond 7.773 million, which is the approximately the same as 1965. In 2060, the working age population will fall to 4.418 million, and the population of people above 65 years old will take up 40% of Japan’s population. With aging population, declining birth rate, a decrease in self-sufficiency in food production, and an increasingly reliance on energy resources on other countries, we are starting to run out of “human”, “energy” and “food” resources. This problem will undoubtedly go on for a long time. 20 to 30 years later, about 60 to 70% of our jobs today will be automated using IT, robots and systemic technologies, replacing human labor. In other words, work with low labor productivity will disappear. Government policies will move towards decreasing working hours and increasing the productivity of each individual. In order to adapt to a society with new working styles, we need to change as a company and as individuals too. What we are searching for now is something immense, something sacred and something that is transient. Human resource is irreplaceable, so are the blessings of nature. We have to increase our values and gain “trust, reliability and security”. Without change, we will not be able to protect our beloved hometowns, our customers, our clients, partners, staff, and their families. We have to deliver our sincerest thoughts, safety, security, reliability and happiness to our customers. We are determined to walk the talk by grooming our resources and raising our values. We believe that our company is supported and groomed by our customers and by our hometown. It is now our turn to return the favor and we will do it by making everyone- our customers and our staff happy as a company.