IBARAKI japanese food selection IBARAKI japanese food selection


"Tastiness of Japan" is here, in Ibaraki.

Ibaraki Prefecture is an agricultural kingdom that produces many agricultural products, including pears, lettuce, and sweet potatoes, as well as melon, which is the best producing volume in Japan, lotus root, and Chinese cabbage, with a warm and broad land, and a rich nature with long coast line. It is also the area with rich seafood. In Ibaraki Prefecture, sake brewing by utilizing abundant water resources has been popular since ancient times, and 40 sake breweries are working hard to continue to produce the ultimate sake boasting the world.

Premium Japanese Black Beef Brand
"Hitachi Beef"

"Hitachi Beef" is a brand beef of Ibaraki Prefecture that chosen from Japanese black cattle produced carefully for about 30 months in the majestic nature of Ibaraki, and is certified and has high quality as A and more than B-4 of the beef carcass grade by Japan Meat Grading Association . It features a beautiful "marbling" appearance.

Have the biggest share in the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market

Ibaraki Prefecture's Pear is the largest production in Japan, as the share of Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market. Ibaraki Prefecture's pear cultivation has a long history dating back to the Edo period, when samurai were active, and is one of Japan's oldest pear producing areas.

Largest production in Japan! Melon kingdom Ibaraki Prefecture.

Ibaraki Prefecture is the largest production of melons in Japan for consecutive 18 years. The melon in Ibaraki is sweet and juicy.