WASHOKU Treasure staff carefully selects ingredients according to a theme
and directly delivers the assortment of ingredients to you.

The theme is "Secret Ingredients".
In Japan, there are so many ingredients such as seasonings.
They make it possible to bring put maximum taste by only adding a small amount of seasoning to a daily menu.
For example, adding stock prepared from seafood to a dish when emphasizing delicious taste is a popular cooking method. We also use some oil for rich tastes. By adding a little amount of salt, we can ensure sweetness of food.
WASHOKU Treasure selects ingredients that spice up your dish.

You can try a set of Japanese ingredients sample free of charge if you join this campaign by March 31.

Set of "Secret Ingredients"

Mustard · wasabi

Hisui Wasabi Powder – the finest Maduma wasabi



Other cooked ingredients

Garlic Ginger Miso

Other cooked ingredients

Umeh Ginger(3 Flavors: Bonito, Japanese basil, plum)


Ground Sesame (White / Black)

Other processed foods

Single Portion Black Sesame Paste

*For a reason of prohibited goods, contents of our campaign sets vary depending on the country.

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2. After testing a sample, you are required to answer a questionnaire.
(Deadline: March 31)

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