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Give your dishes a savory boost with a tint of Japanese tastes.

There are approximately 50,000 food manufacturers in Japan. Many of these food manufacturers use a wide variety of fresh local ingredients to express the traditional, seasonal and natural beauties of Japan, while balancing the nutritional scale. Add a tint of Japanese flavors to give your usual dishes a savory boost!

Sample your ingredients before purchasing!

Pick your ingredients from Washoku Treasure’s comprehensive list of Japanese food manufacturers and order small sampling amounts before purchasing. Simple and easy importing procedures when ordering samples. You can simply pay with a credit card. The three patterns of samples and shipping fees are: (1) charged (2) free sample/only shipping is charged (3) free sample and shipping

Look out for hidden gems not available in the market!

The items on Washoku Treasure are gathered directly from Japanese food manufacturers in each region of Japan, so you might find niche ingredients that are not available outside Japan yet. We also provide complementary information and stories about the ingredients in English. We are your number one choice if you wish to deliver authentic Japanese cuisines to your customers.

Chefs and Prospective Buyers!
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Washoku Treasure deals with locally produced ingredients in Japan.
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